Buy a Duck Today! for the Opportunity to Win one of Several Cash Prizes!
and Help Support SERCAP's Water Is Life! Foundation in the process!

CVC Roanoke River Duck Race 2018 Image 

The Clean Valley Council (CVC) is hosting the annual Roanoke Riverfest, and is continuing the beloved Roanoke traditions of The Great Roanoke River Duck Race and The Recycle Regatta! The Great Roanoke River Duck Race is a race of Rubber Ducks floating down the Roanoke River. Each Duck is numbered, and the Ticket Holders of the fastest 13 ducks win Cash! The Recycle Regatta is a team competition to see who can build the most River Worthy water craft out of recycled and repurposed materials. The Roanoke Riverfest is on Saturday, June 30, 2018 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at Wasena and Smith Parks in Roanoke, VA!

This year, SERCAP is partnering with CVC as one of the local nonprofit beneficiaries of The Great Roanoke River Duck Race, and is Selling Ducks to raise funds to Support SERCAP's Water Is Life! Foundation! SERCAP's Water Is Life! Foundation allows SERCAP to serve communities and low-to-moderate income individuals who fall outside the eligibility requirements of SERCAP's other programs, but still desperately need services in order to gain reliable access to safe drinking water, environmentally sound wastewater facilities, safe and affordable housing, and community development services.

Ducks are only $2 Each and you will have several chances to Win one of the Cash Prizes!


$10 buys a Flock of 5 Ducks, and $20 buys a Flock of 10 Ducks!

1st Prize - $500

2nd & 3rd Prizes - $250

4th - 13th Prizes - $100


Buy Your Ducks Today!


*You Do Not need to be present to Win, and all proceeds made from SERCAP's Duck Sales will go to SERCAP's Water Is Life! Foundation, which directly benefits communities and low-income individuals!