People are the core of what we do. At times we support them in a one-on-one manner, and other times we support groups of people collectively, at the community level. Our team has expertise and decades of experience providing a variety of solutions to the water and wastewater problems in rural communities.

water financal



We offer a well loan program which is a 1% fixed rate program for rural individuals who are considered low income. In Delaware and Virginia, we have a septic system program. This loan program comes with a modest interest rate and can be used flexibly for new systems, upgrades, or repairs.


SERCAP is a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) through the U.S. Treasury Department. We are able to offer assistance to rural communities with obtaining affordable financing for community development, water/wastewater, bridge loans, short-term construction, matching funds, and other financial needs to support rural areas. We also have experts on staff to assist with locating and obtaining affordable state and federal funding to support rural water systems.




We provide technical assistance for private, home owner well systems with evaluation and assessment of the well. When problems are detected during a technical evaluation, we connect individuals to financial resources to assist in fixing the problems.


Our team can conduct rate studies for water systems, provide leak detection tests and support asset management systems. We also provide other means of technical guidance, as needs arise within rural communities.

water technology
water education



Complex water and wastewater systems ultimately affect people at the individual level. We promote the role of the individual in community water systems, ensuring people are better educated about how to maintain their personal systems and also how the community-wide systems function.


We educate the community about water rates, water safety and the aspects of water systems needed to create a healthy and properly functioning water system. We work with communities so they understand the component that leads to a decision--and they are looped into the decision making process.


Come Alongside


You don’t need to face your complex water and wastewater issues alone. Our team is ready and eager to help you tackle your problems so you have a lasting solution. If we don't have the answer, we can help find a trusted resource who does.


Your problem isn’t too big and your need isn’t too great--we will partner with you to resolve the complex issues your community is facing. We provide resources, support and a way to have a conversation with your community that is collaborative and solution-focused. If we aren’t the answer, we will connect you with a trusted resource to meet your needs and find the answer.

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