When we help communities by supporting their water systems and housing, the end result is betterment for the individuals who make up the community. Job growth, economic sustainability and quality of life is directly impacted by this necessary infrastructure.

Community Financial



The financing we provide for water, wastewater and structurally sound housing results in stronger communities and more potential for each individual within that community. Our services and financial support directly benefits the individuals who are the backbone of the community-- through more job opportunities, and therefore, income.


Our team connects communities with necessary financial resources for community development needs, including affordable financing and grant support. Our team is also experts in their field with finding affordable means to finance your project.




We are the non-profit partner of some multi-family housing units in rural communities. While we aren’t the property management company, we are thrilled that our partnership facilitates affordable and safe housing for individuals in these communities.


We provide rate studies for water systems, infrastructure planning or development and ensure adequate resources are in place to attack future businesses. Another area of technical assistance is GIS surveying of communities. Should disaster strike a community, we are also able to partner with the community to support emergency recovery. Often times these services are offered at little to no cost.

Community Tech
Community Education



We regularly host community workshops to encourage education and empowerment of individuals within rural communities as it relates to water, wastewater and housing issues. This includes topics like credit counseling, homebuyer education and the complexities of water systems.


One way we enjoy supporting community development is by helping elected officials and government leaders understand how to plan for long term water, wastewater and housing success. We also support these leaders, and their communities, with emergency preparedness planning. Other areas of expertise are asset management and budgeting for long term system and equipment needs.


Come Alongside


The individuals responsible for leading and guiding communities have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. If you are that leader, don’t feel as if you need to work through your complex community issues alone. We provide resources, support and a way to have a conversation with your community that is collaborative and solution-focused when facing infrastructure issues.


We want rural communities to be seen and we have a role in making their needs visible. We can host focus groups to better understand issues and needs. Additionally, we provide advocacy at larger level--such as meeting with government representatives, elected officials and large financial institutions. We advocate for the needs of rural communities.

Community longside